Nov 8, 2009

Climate Justice Actions on November 30th

Save the date: There will be climate justice actions on Monday, November 30th across the US to apply some pre-Copenhagen pressure. In San Francisco we'll meet at 11:30 at Justin Herman Plaza. The actions will move to other locations in the financial district, targeting financial and energy corporations lobbying at Copenhagen (COP15). We've researched the players and a local list is forthcoming, emphasizing COP15 players engaged in carbon trading and carbon intensive capitalism.  In other words, the banks and energy companies that are making money off of changing the climate.

One of the messages of these actions is "Our climate is not your business". We want to let these companies know that profiting off of climate change (by selling carbon futures or dirty energy sources) is abhorrent. We want to make people aware of the dangerous actions of these corporations, and their efforts to lobby at COP15.

If you know anything about the Compact then you know that I do think that personal lifestyles matter in conservation and sustainability. There's a lot of debate about whether our municipal consumption is relevant when we know that agriculture uses most water and industry most energy. I say they both matter. I spend a lot of time tweaking my personal consumption because I recognize my own power to either accept the gluttonous lifestyles pushed by corporate capitalism or to participate in solutions. But I also want to apply direct pressure to the corporations and institutions profiting from these lifestyles.

Sure, we can make sustainable choices in some areas of our lives. But can you choose to hook up to a wind powered grid over a coal powered grid? Can everyone afford sustainable choices? Hell no. If you've ever bought organic produce or recycled toilet paper then you know what I'm talking about. Not everyone can make these choices, and even if we did, it our personal options won't solve all of our problems.

So I hope you can find an action near you. I'll post more about the SF actions when we have details. Join us on your lunch break if you can't take the whole day off. And be in touch if you want to help with organizing or outreach.