Dec 31, 2006

thoughts on simplicity movements

Took some stuff to the Really Really Free Market yesterday, which has moved indoors (780 Valencia) for the winter. Ran into a good friend, unloaded a few items and took a few home as well.

I was asked by one of the better journalists how I feel about some of the simplicity movements that don't get as much media coverage as this crazy compact. In some ways this was a method of questioning the media's interest in the compact rather than these other groups. I've always found that interesting myself.
I've been aware of other ways of approaching simplicity/consumption issues, and I think most people in the compact have. Clearly, this is not something new (second hand ideas are often best, too!). I only hope that the coverage given to the compact makes people more aware of resources and groups like the Really Really Free Market.
It seems that the fringier movements are perceived (often erroneously) as somewhat exclusive. I can see how getting involved could be intimidating, and perhaps it comes down to what motivates different simplicity groups, often motivation is the unifying factor for the people involved. I'm fairly assertive and have yet found myself feeling shy or lacking in requisite hipness to effectively contribute to established activist groups. My problem or the organization's problem? Likely both.
With the compact, the challenge is the unifying factor, making it a more disparate population with varying motivations. But it comes w/ the same accusations of pretentiousness and the same subset of purists to vociferously judge those less hardcore than themselves. Considering the lighthearted and humble origins of the compact, this has been a surprising outcome. This commitment was made among friends and remains a friendly venture. It's been a rockin' year compacter's. way to go!


Anonymous said...

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Thanks all

Anonymous said...

It's picking up after I find anguishing. For example, your misused possessives due to sloppy or no text- proofing. The language breaks down if it isn't used correctly. If the filter isn't cleaned. You lose the use of what doesn't work, of what isn't understood.

Anonymous said...

In particular, I'm referring above to Rachel's last sentence:
" It's been a rockin' year compacter's. way to go!"

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Rachel! You and your friends have inspired many, many people. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm....a group who chooses to live poor...and gets media coverage ..and it's "catching on???"!!...Should I be looking out my door for the media vans???....Not meaning to belittle your wonderful goals, it's just being a pretty poor person, that hasn't bought any new clothes in so long I can't remember, I couldn't help but get a chuckle...if you want "ideas" , ask your lower income folks, how they do they "get by" without buying anything new and be sure to ask them if they feel exhilarated...Glad to know the highly successful find my little poor life so satisfying.

QualityLifeMan said...

Compact ideas around "rich" and "poor" are around different uses of these words....Books such as "Your Money Or Your Life" and "Champagne Living On A Beer Budget" talk of a richness that can be found in simplifying by buying used(so as not to trash the Earth any further)and yet still live a "rich" lifestyle.
Getting out of mindless, alienating work that might pay more to doing something we love can create an income "hit." So it's not looking for poverty we're after--it's looking for a richness of life with less. Poverty of spirit is in allowing true material poverty to exist!!