May 19, 2006

Compacting Thievery

On Monday, I was an excited Compacter, having acquired a wonderful new (used) vacuum cleaner. On Thursday afternoon I was equally enthused, having bartered a new (used) laptop into my home and subsequently passed on another computer to a person in need. "Wow, this is easy," is what I was thinking around 3:00 PM. Then I went to my last class of my undergraduate career.

So we geography seniors thought a fieldtrip to a Mission bar would nicely round out our semester. I rode down on my bike, of course. By drink 3, someone had jacked my seat, one of the finer components of my favorite bike. Along with the seat went the mount for my rear light. I always check on my bike, and my frustration upon discovering this theft led me to consume drinks 4 and 5 rather quickly.

Despite the drama, I maintain that compacting is easy, and as pointed out by a friend, leads to good product karma. A classmate, Joey, happened to come to the bar in a friend's car- for reasons still unclear to me, Joey kept his bike seat in this friend's car. I gave him my graduation tickets, for his saddle! This seat carried him across the country, and might still be on my bike when I head to Mexico this summer. So far it seems like a nice saddle, though it lacks suspension and the nifty little tear that mine had from one of my more explosive accidents.

I do admit that I am really really struggling to not buy the perfect saddle. I hate the seats on my other bikes, and it's an incredibly important component of any great bicycle. If I break on this one, I'll let you know. No promises, as of yet!

May 15, 2006

Vacuum Cleaners In SF

Today was a good day to be a Compacter! My vacuum cleaner broke for the 3rd time, and it had been far too long since we rid the carpet of cat hair. I put an ad on Craigslist, checked the free section, the household section, and posted on Freecycle. Then I looked at my carpet again.

Tumbleweeds still rolling, I called The Place That Sells Sewing Machines and Vacuums in Daly City. I asked if they had any used vacuums and they did, though they were all a bit larger than the one that I have. I was able to get a better powered machine and to drop off my old one, which they will try to fix and sell, or use for parts. Yay! I also got a 90 day warranty. And it's a locally run shop w/ well informed employees/owners. Great deal!