Feb 23, 2006

Meditations on Travel

Six weeks into the Compact I’m challenged by thoughts of post-graduation travel. My summer bike tour (SF to Mexico) requires sturdy gear, some of which I’m slowly acquiring or building, and some that I’m just deciding to abandon. In much the same way, my home’s reflecting these same choices. While a lot of folks seem to think that we shop like crazy, only buying used, it’s silly to presume that any of us can engage in the Compact without reducing our overall hoard of crap.
Regarding travel, I do have an idea for postcards, as I’m a prolific penpal and postcard lover myself. How about taking along a glue stick and scissors and cutting out pix from the local paper or tourist maps, etc. Then glue them to a cereal box or something similarly sturdy.
I’m still on a mad quest for suitable maps, wouldn’t be so difficult if I wasn’t a geographer. That’s right, I’m picky. Where are the used USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles? So far I’m finding the map library at SFSU quite handy, photocopies are my best bet so far with respect to hiking maps. Road maps are easier to find, but they rarely have the detailed contour lines that are so helpful for planning a bike trip.

Feb 8, 2006

Recent Queries


Here's a list of recent queries and the responses that the group tossed around--also some random tips and reminders thrown in:

-- What about new shoes for children and folks whose professional lives call for a great deal of walking (i.e., dogwalkers):

Acceptable as needed. The shoe exception has been made to support health and safety. It's not a loophole to buy Manolos. (And some of us throw orthopedic concerns to the wind for ourselves and our children, purchasing "like-new" used shoes. )

-- What about purchases required by our jobs or businesses?

Acceptable when necessary, but this exception should not be seen as an free pass to transact simply for the sensation.

-- Remember: Buying local is critical and should be followed whenever possible.

-- Tip: Food & wine are okay for gifts if you choose not to go for services or charitable donations. But food & wine are an important opportunity to shop & support local.