Jul 7, 2010


My best friend and I are moving out of our place, where we've (mostly) lived for the last 6+ years. Since I left for London in summer of 2008, this will be my 3rd move in two years. But it's the last one in or out of this mold hole in the Excelsior of San Francisco. I love my mold hole but it makes my asthma crazy and my landlord is the king of slumlords so it's time to go.

When I moved to London I left all housey things behind ... in the house where I sublet my room. Now Blake and I have to figure out what to do with so much house stuff. Table, chairs, couch, bookshelves ... the fact is these items weren't stellar when we got them used. Now they're much more used than before, with a nice infusion of kitty dander to make them all a bit less give-away-able. But we're trying.

Personally, I'm not keeping much from this house. I'm moving my stuff into a friend's garage and then heading to the South for the rest of the summer. I'm hoping to find some GIS or GPS (mapping) work or volunteer work around Mobile or another part of the Gulf. I'd love to work on that amazing NOAA map! I just finished a massive GIS/GPS contract so I'm hopeful that I can apply my skills toward the oil spill containment/ clean up efforts. Well, not too hopeful since it seems like a lock out down there in terms of jobs and volunteer work. It's surprising how little opportunity there is.

I'm going to try anyway. Blake and I are Amtraking to Georgia as of next Thursday. I'll be taking loads of pictures along the way ... another way to fill the time! If I can't actually help in the Gulf, then I'll at least spend a few days writing and posting images from there, maybe tinkering with online maps too. So expect some posts live from the Gulf of Mexico starting around July 26th.

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Anonymous said...

have you tried a local theater? They can always use that sort of thing in any sort of condition. best of luck on the move.