Jul 26, 2010

Family Time

Blake and I got to Georgia on Wednesday night after a few days on Amtrak. I like Amtrak so much better than flying. So much.
Now I'm chilling in north Georgia at my parents' house. Well, chilling is probably an overstatement, though after Phoenix, Georgia is a relief. The frequent thunderstorms have cooled the air and provided some stellar clouds. So welcome after too many months with San Francisco's monotonous blanket of grey or blue, not much in between.

I've been on the phone/email all morning, still trying to find a way to volunteer in the Gulf. I'm not having much luck as of yet. I understand why organizations are reluctant to engage volunteers from out of town. I still hope that my skills and month-long, full time availability will make it worthwhile for some group.

Tomorrow Blake and I are heading to Savannah to do some camping on Cumberland Island. Coast to coast!

Until then, here are some pictures from Georgia. I've been doing a survey of butterflies, birds, and plants on my parent's place, which is 5 acres in northwest Georgia. My dad and I also went for a hike at his hunting club in Pickens County, which is northeast of our place in Bartow. Enjoy.

We've been hosing down the horses (Pepsi the grey, Sam the chestnut) at the hottest part of the day. They always take a good roll after. 

Pepsi likes a good belly scratch when he rolls. 

Little Brother finishing a good roll.

I believe this is a common fritillary in front of my parents' house. 

 I think this on is a pipevine swallowtail out the back of my parents' house.

Gregarious rabbit at Rocky Road hunting club in Pickens County, Georgia.


Anonymous said...

wow, pepsi! blast from the past :) - b!

The Kid said...

OMG! Those horses are beautiful!