Apr 15, 2010

Snake Season!

Today I took a walk in Glen Canyon with my friend, Mira to look at wildflowers and wildlife. I was supposed to be in a meeting about GIS this afternoon but a last minute cancellation allowed me to take advantage of today's perfect weather. Ok, the fog's rolling in now but it was entirely gorgeous midday.

As soon as I got into the canyon I ran into another friend - Wait, she's the jogger so I guess she ran into me. I kept walking after our chat and saw some folks staring into a eucalyptus. I've seen that stare so I guessed owl and they confirmed. I had binoculars and still never saw it. Apparently it's in a nest so I'll have to try again.

Though we never saw the owl, Mira and I did see many beautiful flowers, birds, damselflies, and FIVE garter snakes. Holy cow it's snake season! I got pictures of two of them. Enjoy!
Number 4, edge of grassland adjacent to willow scrub

Also Number 4

Number 5, edge of willow scrub

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