Oct 7, 2009

Off to Visalia and Sequoia NP!

I'm about to head to BART with my bike for my trip to the California Invasive Plant Council Symposium in Visalia. I'll go to Oakland to catch Amtrak. I'm taking that to Hanford, where I'll get off to ride 15 miles to a KOA camp in west Visalia. That's about 8 miles from the conference, so I'll have to do that distance each morning and afternoon.

When I finish with the conference on Saturday, I'll prob couch surf in Visalia for a night before I bike 30-40 miles into Sequoia National Park. It's foothills so that ride is going to kick my ass. But I should get a couple of nice days in there before I have to head back out, crash in Visalia/or Koa, then ride the final 15 miles back to Hanford for another train.

It may sound convoluted, but it's the only way I could work out to get into the park on my own steam. Hitching might be an option, but I was worried about getting back out. Now I know I can make my own way.

My panniers are loaded with the weirdest stuff. For example I have pinstripe pants for the conference, which I'll wear with my hiking boots b/c there's no room for fancy shoes. Best bit is definitely the meter long poster tube that I have to secure somehow. I'm hoping to find a rideshare back to the Bay Area for my poster! I'll try to get some pix of my bike to share. And I'll definitely get some of Sequoia.

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Gene Smith said...

One thing I love about SF is the great public transit -- makes it so easy and fun to experience the city and the areas around it