Oct 22, 2009

Climate Actions This Saturday, October 24th

You've probably heard about the global day of climate actions taking place this Saturday, October 24th. Organizers are pushing the 350 ppm theme. 350 refers to the amount of carbon dioxide we can afford to have in the atmosphere. We're around 390 and desperately need to reduce that level to 350 in a very short time period. We can absolutely do this, given there is political will. Ahead of December talks in Copenhagen, we need to push the powerful into accepting this reality.

As one who often feels discouraged by a lack of action on this issue in the US, I'm eager to see how this mobilization plays out. In SF I'll be joining a bike ride tracing future sea level. There are several other events here, including a walk for farm animals and your typical rally. There are actions all over, some of which are coordinated through this website. There might be others that are not affiliated with this group. Find one near you.

Also worth noting is the Great Climate Swoop that took place this week at the Ratcliffe coal fired power station in the UK Midlands. Props to that energetic and clever crew. I definitely miss that dedicated attention to climate change.

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