May 27, 2009

Really Really Free Market Saturday in Dolores Park!

Saturday is the monthly Really Really Free Market in San Francisco from 1-5pm in Dolores Park near 19th St. I'll be there with some garden starts, plums, and some weird stuff that I left in my garage when I moved to London.

Yes, I said it, the plum trees are at it again. I finally had a chance to do some gardening yesterday, clearing the way for a successful plum harvest. I brought in about 2 gallons of nice plums. I swear, the more I lop that tree the more it produces. I made some plum bread, which I enjoyed with a friend who kindly painted my room yesterday (woohoo!). I guess i'll be canning a lot of it again this year. Plum jam anyone?


Anonymous said...

mmm, I'd love some plum jam. Seriously, please?


websanfrancisco said...

I've never been to San Francisco, but all the posts I've read made wanting to visit this place even more.

rachel kesel said...

bike russ from bernal?!
even if not, i'll be canning in a few weeks and will have plum jam to share. i'll be sure to post about it and anyone interested can get in touch to pick up.

Anonymous said...

I live downtown, so that would be a long bike ride, but muni or bart would be a good option. Let me when and how to pick up.


icalifornia said...

Indeed, California, and especially San Francisco is a great place to visit. I've been there once and I surely want to go back again.