May 11, 2009

Leaving London

My time in London is up! I'm sitting at Heathrow, ages early for my flight. I've gotten rid of the replaceable things like bedding and tupperware, but am going home with about a rucksack more of things than I came with. Most of that is clothing from the free shop at the Library House, books from my course, and WELLIES!

The past week has been great as I've said goodbye to the amazing friends I've made in London. I really love this place and am sorry to be leaving just as spring has set in and the days are forever long. We had a fabulous picnic at Myatt's Fields yesterday and a bonfire later at the Library House. My friends will return to court on Wednesday to fight the eviction there. Our garden is blooming with lettuce, peas, mustard, rocket, sage, etc. Spadella just put in a pond and really we've made it a wonderful place!

Though I'm sad to leave London, I'm excited to go back to SF. In 15 hours I get to see my cats and those beautiful hills overlooking the bay. I sense fog in my future.

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Beth! said...

see you soon!