Apr 16, 2009

Fabulous Article and Things to Take

This article by Fred Pearce gives a comprehensive critique of the impacts of over-population versus over-consumption. It's very up to date on the specific levels of consumption and provides good analysis of the differences between population and consumption levels. One thing I found lacking was analysis of what will happen if the western lifestyle and economic system remains the goal for 'developing' nations. To be fair, Peace mentioned it but said it was an issue of consumption, not population. I found this article particularly stimulating after seeing photos of the tax day 'tea parties' with signs recommending Ayn the barely human Rand alongside racist and xenophobic slogans about immigration. I really think we in the US should leave tea to the English. Maybe we don't get it?

On another note:
After about 5 minutes of thinking, I've decided to only take home as much as I brought with me. That means some of my shit is going to be tossed (see holey clothing) and some is going to be given away (see bedding).

Ok a lot of it is going to end up in those two categories because I've acquired things that I actually like while here. Though I'm only taking the two bags and bike home, I think I might ship at least the bike rather than taking it on the plane. It's cheaper on the plane, but I can't figure out how to get to the airport with all that shit. I had help on both ends the last time (thanks Dad and Max!) but I think I'll be solo this time. Just me and a load of valium - oh how I wish I could just fall asleep and re-appear in SF.

In prepping to leave, things I'm taking back to SF have popped into my head. Most of them are plans. Plans for the shit I want to prioritize when I get back to my city.
I'm taking with me:
- a commitment to cook with Food Not Bombs at least twice a month.
- a desire to resume my study of Arabic or possibly Spanish - whichever I can do for free.
- a lot of joy for cycling!
- a groovy plan for a foraged dinner party with my friends.
- a lust for Rainbow grocery (and its skip).
- a stubborn unwillingness to make plans for this fall.
- and some objects that flew here with me, plus a few that did not, the latter mostly comprising of fliers, propaganda, and books. Oh, and wellies!

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