Apr 9, 2009

Things to Leave, Things to Take

As I consider my departure from London, I'm contemplating my stuff again. I was ever practical in coming here. I likely put too much emphasis on my dedication to the Compact, bringing really utilitarian things that I knew I'd need but wouldn't want to buy. I've used almost everything that came over in my allotted luggage, even the fancy shoes and trousers that my sister, Erica insisted that I bring.

Ok, so I've used everything. But I had no extra space coming over, and I've acquired some stuff since I've been here. The free shop at the Library House has stocked me with fun new used clothes. I've got two new used backpacks that are absolutely fabulous and definitely going along. I'll be damned if I'm leaving my wellies behind. And then there's all the books and notes and papers I've accumulated in my time at UCL. I've also got a ridiculous affection for a pillow I picked up on Freecycle and the sheets I got are better than anything I had at home...

I don't really buy souveniers. I'm a trinket lover but tend to find them rather than buy them, like the goofy bat toy that my coursemates and I found in a vent in the hostel in Norfolk. Perhaps I place too much emotional emphasis on practical objects because I don't really set out to purchase an object to preserve a memory. I'm surprised at how much shit I want to take home with me.

I got rid of nearly all of my frivolous stuff in SF last summer. My time away is short, but I saw it as a way of making it less important for me to come back. Those darn cats and all of my lovely friends have made that effort seem so ridiculous. It was never going to be the stuff drawing me home, not even the house I lived in for four years. I'm excited to tend my garden but it's the parks that make the city home. It's all the people and dogs and Quivus and Zalaazil that make it so easy to say yes to SF.

Is it a permanent yes? I dunno. So how much of this shit is worth carting home? I dunno.

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