Apr 13, 2009

Assisted Downsizing ...

I have a lot of holey, tattered, and stained clothing and shoes. Wait, that's a bit of a misstatement: A lot of my clothing is holey, tattered, and stained. I don't actually have a lot of clothing anymore. As my mom likes to say, I'm "hard on clothes". I like to think the rips and smudges are well earned, the product of an active, outdoorsy life with dogs, dirt, and bicycles. However there's no denying that several items of clothing, particularly my trousers, are holey as a result of my multiple malco moments (mal-coordinated). On my shirts and sweaters there's an obvious pattern of cat claw interaction. Always on the belly (hind paws) and shoulder (front paws).

Whatever. I'm ambivalent about the appearance of my clothes. It's just true. I think I tried to give a shit when I was 15 but found it tedious ... like makeup, jewelery, and hair products, it just never stuck. I don't care if you care about yours, but don't expect me to trip about the state of my shirt and shoes. I find London unnecessarily sharp as compared with San Francisco's tolerance of a dirtier, hippie element. That doesn't mean SF is better than London on the fashion front: Gimme sharp and proud over faux hipster poverty any day.

Many Compactors have rules about clothes to determine what to keep and what to thrift. If you don't wear it in a month it goes, or something like that. So much of my clothing is too tattered to thrift so I'm stuck wearing them until it's conscionable to turn them into rags or cat blankets or something.

But today I got some help in the downsizing from my housemate, who thought she'd help me out by drying my laundry. I can toss one of my sweaters, which had cat claw holes on the belly and shoulder, because it's the appropriate size for a 12 year old now. It was only the softest sweater I've ever had ... now it's definitely a cat blanket. It's funny 'cause I shrunk a similar yellow sweater to the point that it fit an 8 year old this time last year. Maybe I'm not meant to have yellow v neck sweaters or something.

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