Apr 20, 2009

Another Article

I ran across this article , A Future Too Big to Fail: Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse,
by Chip Ward on CommonDreams. Two excerpts I particularly liked:

"Once you have driven off a cliff, it does you little good to realize that you are falling. The time to practice water conservation is before your well runs dry. Our culture's ability to deal with thresholds has proven only slightly better than my dog's ability to solve algebra problems."

"We got it wrong. A capitalist economy based on constant, unlimited growth is a reckless fantasy because ecosystems are not limitless -- there are just so many pollinators, so many aquifers, so much fertile soil. In nature, unchecked rapid growth is the ideology of the invasive species and the cancer cell. Growth as an end in itself is ultimately self-destructive."

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