Mar 27, 2009

Compacting Music

I made it through my exam fairly easily. In the end I'm happier with the paper than I anticipated, which feels nice.

I couldn't have gotten through the exam without good tunes. My music supply is limited here in London. I'm used to living with a mad collector of new, amazing music. Blake was my source of new music for about 10 years, and he mostly still is. Beth! also hooks me up with new tunes, though I haven't been able to listen to the playlists she sent me because I had to disconnect the cd drive on my computer at one point in its flakiness. I only have about 15 GB of music with me. No cds or anything like that. I run through this very often as I spend many many hours in front of this computer or on my bike (yeah, no lectures on how biking with headphones is wack).

But there's music just waiting to be harvest online. DJ /Rupture provided the adrenaline for a lot of my work this week. I should really thank him. I have his album, Uproot and have just been alerted to his weekly WFMU radio show. So now I'm listening to archives of that.

Other options I've played around with include Last FM, which is ok. It's less useful when you need to focus. Well maybe not if you're not as potentially distracted by music as I am. I need it but I also need it to be right. I download a bit from Emusic, but I can't afford to do it a lot. I prefer downloads directly from bands, which is how I got the newest Cloud Cult album.

I realize that it takes server space to keep these things available online. I know there are impacts, but it's better than cds and tapes and vinyl in terms of consumption. The Compact has always encouraged folks supporting the arts. It's an alternative, social consumption based around ideas rather than goods.

I still can't believe I haven't seen any live music, except street or demonstration music, since I've been in London. I just don't have my finger on that. But I've started looking into what shows are happening in SF over the summer, hell yeah. And by then I'll have access to Blake's dialed in musical awareness. It's hard to miss good shows with him around!

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Mercedes López Lara said...

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Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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