Feb 7, 2009

Time: Nearly Southern

I should be sitting in a rocking chair on a Georgia porch as I sew this patch onto my new jacket. The jacket is indeed new, but was a hand over to me from my clients. Joel gave it to me after I walked Pixel and Raster yesterday in Brixton. (Backstory: Pix and Raster are my clients from SF who moved here! How lucky am I?)

So yeah, I'm listening to Gillian Welch, trying to sew this pretty patch over the logo on this jacket so I can be comfortable wearing it. For a second my regressive accent could be heard singing along: 'Time's a revelator'. Funny, my accent, though repressed, is real. Gillian Welch is from SoCal!!! And yet she sounds more Georgian that I do most of the time.

Anyway, I was feeling all nostalgic and nearly Southern, sewing and listening to blue grass. Never mind the content of the patch, which totally fucks up this image of me as a southern belle mending a torn dress or something. Yeah, the feeling of faded quickly as I got frustrated with the thickness of this jacket and kept ruining the line of the patch. I should wait and use a machine. My foray into hand patching is over as the light's fading and I don't have an oil lamp to maintain this idyllic picture in my head. But as the sewing was as much an exercise in procrastination as anything else, I easily transition into writing about sewing as a means of staving off writing about GIS or remote sensing or lakes.

So, yeah, Time ... I can't keep up. There are a million things I want to be doing all the ... time. Next weekend there's Reclaim Love and Food Not Bombs is cooking for that event. Or I could be at a Gender, Race and Class day of workshops at SOAS. The next weekend is London Free School but my friends will be in town for a radical health conference. On the 28th we're doing an eco-fair at the Library House, which will include Reclaim Your Food and a Really Really Free Market. In between I've got people to date and dogs to walk.

But I have so much writing to do. And I don't mean writing here or that ever so satisifying pile of correspondence with my people around the world. I definitely mean GIS and remote sensing and lakes and wetlands. It's cool, for now I'm going to whip up some cornbread 'cause procrastination is more efficient if you just do it all at once.


Beth! said...

"cause procrastination is more efficient if you just do it all at once"

Kassie said...

I am pleased that I am not the only one procrastinating!