Feb 23, 2009

Really Really Free Market Saturday at The Library House!

If you're in London this Saturday, come down to the Library House for the eco-fair, and most especially for the Really Really Free Market.

London has a vibrant free stuff/sharing culture with free shops and free cycle and interesting 'swapshops', etc. The Really Really Free Market offers a gift economy for all. We all have something to give. You can give or take an object like clothing, books, tupperware, globes, laundry baskets, etc. I need a bedside lamp so ... you know.... Or you can give a song, a skillshare, a haircut, a poem, a reading from your favorite book.

We all have something to give.

I'm excited about bringing this project to London for so many reasons. I haven't been to RRFM since July, when I took all of my excess stuff to Dolores Park in prepartion for my departure from San Francisco. After a couple of years of attending RRFM each month, it was a nice way to leave my city.

And not to get heavy on you, but RRFM was an important part of my community in SF. One of my friends, and a key organizer of RRFM, Kirsten Brydum, was killed in September in New Orleans. As our community in SF attempts to heal and honor Kirsten's dedication to the gift economy, SF RRFM has grown. This month there were THREE RRFM events, including an expansion down into the Bayview. Actually, one of those events will take place this Saturday. So if you're in SF, head over to 2187 El Balazo/Sub Mission (18th and Mission street) between 1-5pm. Rock on, SF. I miss you.

Having RRFM in London is one way I can facillitate my own healing and ensure that I'm also contributing to our mutual aims of spreading alternative economies and ways of associating.

The eco-fair will be multifaceted as well. There will be free vegan food from Food Not Bombs and Reclaim Your Food. Expect art and a seed swap (spring is coming!). And there will be a bike power generation workshop from 3-7pm.

So come on down to the Library House. And if you have a spare bedside lamp...

The pics below are from RRFM in Dec 07 at ArtSF. Jeremy Dalmas had us all engaged in an interactive musical extravaganza. After that I was interviewed by Jeremy's tape player, which as you might be able to tell from the photo, brought a bit too much delight to my listening friends. That's what I get for trying to volunteer Blake (to the right in photo 2) for the game. Jeremy's awesome and I'm going to be graced with his company in a week! Oh, I have to do my homework so I can hang out with Jeremy while he's around!!!

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