Dec 17, 2008

A Very Grumpy Christmas List

On Friday my first term at UCL ended around 3:30. By 6:30 I felt flu-ish and left for home. Along the way I lost my phone and every number I have for any English or England based friends. I spent Saturday in fits of fever and chill, supplemented with shitty Hollywood movies available around my house. On Sunday my internet connection went out at home. Now I can’t even Skype or chat my people in Cali or Georgia. I’ve been dragging my ass to UCL because I can’t really afford to give up even one day of paper searching before I head to Cornwall for two weeks.

Today I’m writing my Christmas list.

- Reliable internet for London. Seriously, is SF just exemplary or should I expect a world class city like London to have reliable internet?

- A new-used cellphone. Absent a phone and internet I feel like I’m a planet away from my friends and family when I really need them most. Isolation.

- A new-used computer keyboard. I brought the damn thing all the way from SF and on my birthday I spilled water on it. I killed some punctuation, the letter P, and the all important space bar. My attempts at repair were fruitless, unless you count bringing me closer to Quivus, whose soft grey hair I found in abundance under the white keys.

- Five Minutes with Gravity. I’d like to meet the force that dogs my steps to ask what I’ve done to deserve such poor balance. Can I make amends? My knees can’t take any more and I think I might have chipped a bone in my elbow.

- 30 Minutes in the Chair of a Punk Irish Stylist. I need a haircut. And the only woman I’ve ever let cut and keep my hair short is about 5,000 miles away. Must be good with a razor.

- Warm Clothes. Crap was I unprepared. I need pants w/o holes in the knee, more long-sleeved undershirts, and a serious sweater or two. But no more red! I seem to have enough and here I feel less fiery than my wardrobe indicates.

- One 60 Watt CFL with the Pokey Connectors. The light’s been out in my room since last Wednesday. I bought a new bulb but, silly American, I got the kind that screws into the socket. I’ve never seen these alien bulbs before.

- A Better 2nd Term at UCL. Please Santa, let my course be better next term. I fight the urge to quit on a near daily basis. It’s demoralizing. Let GIS be a new beginning.

- A Better 2009. 2006, 2007 were times of fantastic passion and productivity. 2008 feels like stagnation and the rotting of my creativity, worth, and utility. 2009 has to be better or I’m going to the mall with a pocket full of plastic.


lili said...

sorry to hear about your balance problems - i had a really frightening experiences a few years back, where i couldn't get to sleep at all as the moment i closed my eyes i got extremely dizzy & thought i was going to fall over (although this would've been impossible as i was lying down) - walking downstairs was a very scary thing too - it turned out that i had a middle ear infection of sorts, viral i think, but it's the middle ear that is the key - it eventually made sense as i used to get travel sickness as a kid. regularly. they'd put me in a car and i'd be throwing up in no time at all. don't know if this helps?

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you have not had a chance to cheer up in a long time. that's super hard. I wish for a restful, surprisingly renewing holiday time for you.

so you don't have to ask said...

can i send you a keyboard? we have a bunch just hanging around our office that aren't being used? seriously, if you need one, i can send you four. happy holidays, i know you're cold.

rachel kesel said...

what a sweet offer on the keyboard! But I'm hoping to get mine repaired. We'll see. But thanks so much.

luckily it's fairly warm and sunny today. i walked from a friend's house in to school, about 5 miles total. It felt fabulous.