Dec 5, 2008

A Shout Out to My Plants

London's full of amazing people and projects, but there's a dull ache in everything I do this week. My birthday's next week and the holidays are coming. It's cold, wet, and dark most of the time ... I'm fucking homesick. Yesterday's Climate March suffers my comparisons to SF demos. I'm doing my best not to be an activist snob, because I know that's pointless. And I'm not trying to wallow in my ache for coyote bush, kitties, and radicals 122 degrees West of here.

I'm also not trying to numb myself. I could make myself feel better for a second by trying to buy something "special" for all the peops that I miss. I could painstakingly wrap trinkets in cleverly selected sheets of newspaper and mail some tokens home. Then I could add feeling even more broke to homesickness! Yippee!

Meanwhile, my plantings turn a year old next week. Can someone in SF liberate my Clarkia, Viola, Scrophularia, Tellima, Achillea, Grindelia, Horkelia, Sildacia, Ribes, and Phacelia from all the ehrharta, mallow, and nasturtium that have assuredly begun to encircle them? Yeah, I realize that I named a few annuals, the individuals of which are long dead, but whose seeds I've scattered in hopes of a future generation. But if anyone is going to go liberate my plants, they need to know what they're looking for. Free my plants! Best birthday present I could get would be someone ensuring that those natives will be there in the spring for the bees and lady bugs (see her on the yarrow).

We put most of these pretties in on my birthday last year because, in case you didn't know, San Francisco has just entered the planting season. While London's cold and inhospitable to baby plants right now, rains begin to sprinkle on SF, coaxing vegetation from dormancy. Land managers are shifting from invasive control to the joys of planting. It's a nurturing time of year. Less removal, more contribution. This time last year I was wrapping up the radical restoration workshops, giving away a few more plants, and laying down my own roots.

I haven't touched dirt in a meaningful way in months. That's got to change or I'm going to go nuts. Luckily, there's a gardening workparty on Fridays at the Library House. I only have one more week of class, then I can attend that too. I'm heading out of London for most of the holidays, but not to the US as I can't justify or afford the flying. I'm going to visit and document a tree sit at Titnore in about a week. And in Cornwall I should get some gardening time at Max and Ashley's allotment. I'm going to love the dirt, even if it's not Georgia's clay or SF's sand.


Beth! said...

hey - I'm going to be up in SF next week for a conference - if you tell me where to look (Bernal? somewhere else?), I can make a brave attempt to give some TLC to your birthday presents in the dirt :)

rachel kesel said...

beth! you're a super star.

they're in my backyard! are you staying w/ blake? his new housemate, andrew, is super cool so hit them up if you need a spot (if you haven't already). blake can show you the plants. i clearly marked several in the southeast corner. the sildacia (checkerbloom), possibly dormant, is outside that plot to the north about 1 foot against the fence, bounded by concrete.) there are 4 or 5 plants between a hose pipe and a tomato cage w/ a cable across the top to prevent trampling. the tellima (fringe cups) is under the pear tree. there are gloves in the cabinet on the east wall of the garage in a blue crate.

and give q and z kisses for me!!!

Jeremy said...

'I haven't touched dirt in a meaningful way in months' - that reminds me of when I lived in an apartment in London and needed some soil to plant some seeds on the window sill. I went out with a tub and a spoon, and it took me 15 minutes to find soil. There just wasn't any access to the ground anywhere, just cement in every direction.

Anyway, here's hoping you get that earthy re-connection sometime soon!

Aparna said...

really beautiful flower specially pink one.