Dec 22, 2008

Comparative Narratives

On Friday my new SIM card arrived and by Sunday my phone was fully functional. The new modem also arrived on Friday, thus I was reconnected that way on Saturday. The connection in my room is still amazingly shit to be about 10 feet from the modem - but I'll sit on the floor by the door if it means I can Skype my friends. Or even email them.

Have I mentioned that last summer about half of my friends also left SF? I've got an amazing volley of correspondence going between myself and friends in SF, LA, Portland, Armenia, Cornwall, Oaxaca, etc. We're comparing notes on leaving pretty, gentrified SF. We're comparing notes on finding resources and like-minded people across the US and wherever the hell else we are. Some of us confess the ways Kirsten's death has hurt us and how it's made us feel in our new cities/countries. Some hate their new places, others love them.

I've also got a digital pile of lovely script from my people still in SF. Folks are keeping me up to date and while I know that time has lapsed, I still feel quite connected to my favorite folks. Thanks peops.

We write about it all: the weather, biking networks, queer culture, lack of queer culture, yummy food, icky food, pomegranates, universities, crappy jobs, zines, activism, squats, tree houses, oppressions, bad meetings, good organizers, future movements, high fashion, potlucks, and state of mind.

Here's a very small sampling of my favorite lines and their contexts from my correspondence over the past few months.

MJ in LA via chat: 'i know, it's rough. people's brains are different here'

BM in SF via chat, re: Prop 8 march: 'valencia st? what a hotbed of homophobia that is.'

H from Portland via email: I've been juggling school and teaching gardening and playing music and trying not to get to distracted by every other thing worth doing.'

SC in Oaxaca via email: 'In Teotitlan del Valle ... we dropped in on the town's annual "Venerable Blood of Christ" patron saint festival. No blood, but a lot of dancing and flowers.'

HJ in LA via email:
'LA is like cancer that goes into remission and then comes back, but on a much much faster time scale.'

AZ in SF via chat, responding to my assertion that 'there's fab shit going on here [London]': 'Bullshit. there's nothing. your city is cold and grey and the food looks like it's been through the laundry... it's all about dressup parties and paying ridiculous amounts of money to get around... even the punks are high fashion.'

JD in Armenia via email: 'Come visit me in Armenia! I am going to have a big potluck here and invite everyone from SF.'

RS in SF via email: 'hope all is good in jolly olde. have some cider and curry and mushy peas for me. but leave the special brew alone if you want my advice.'

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