Nov 11, 2008

Things conservationists do ...

As you know, I'm studying conservation at UCL so I'm around other conservationists and reading and talking about envir issues all the time. Makes it redundant to write about it at times. But here's a short list of things, positive and negative, that people do either in the name of conservation, or despite being a "conservationist". Some of these examples include my own conflicting actions, the rest just offer a composite of all the folks I know. (Apreciate that I'm exploring the "mixed bag" metaphor in all aspects of my life right now, if you can.)

I expect I'll add to this list. Maybe you can help me.

carry a personal spoon!
drink bottled water?
pull invasive plants!
pull rare plants for id purposes?
ride bicycles!
fly in planes to talk about conservation?
grow vegetables!
eat loads of meat?
shop second hand!
have used purchases shipped long distances?

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

The only person I know who carries a personal spoon is a forester, so I guess there's some truth in that.

A very shiny spoon it is too.