Nov 17, 2008


Wow, what a couple of weeks. I was enthralled by the US election while writing two excruciatingly tedious papers for my course. With the second of those behind me, I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week in the New Forest, where I'll learn about conservation monitoring and take pretty pictures of ponies.

A bit of a round up:

Things Conservationists do continued...
Garden for wildlife!
Feed wildlife?

More Freecycle/Weird Re-use Moments
I'm now on the hunt for some goofy stuff like pillow cases, sheets, and coat hooks. I'm in desperate need of tupperware as the yogurt containers are not suitable for re-use. I find myself hanging on to odd jars (like jalapenos) for spice storage. I was actually trying to figure out if I could funnel soup into a handle bottle of Jim Beam. Determined this was impractical and am currently considering the purchase of processed pasta sauce so I can have the jar.

Food storage is really the smaller of my worries. I got weird about a plastic bag today, partly over OCDish parsimony and partly for sentimental reasons. Yeah, I said it, I got oooey gooey over a plastic bag. It's a Lucca bag. You know, the ravioli on Valencia. Right, so maybe I really like that place right? Nope. I've never ever been in there. I snagged this bag from a recycling spot at Good Life Grocery months ago (seriously, I left SF in August). But it's a good, sturdy bag. And it does remind me of home. So I couldn't put it into the bin for trash collection. Had to hang onto it, hoping to get a few more uses out of it. Weird, I know. Who knows when I'll get rid of that SF Chronicle bag that holds all of my other bags. Probably not until I start walking dogs again. That way the bag ends its functionality covering shit, much as it began its life.

And finally there's a great group in the Bay Area that I thought I'd mention for readers there. Bay Area Source has a Buy Nothing Day celebration in the off. Check it out!!!! Plants and anti-consumption - What more could you ask for?

Plant Barter, Potluck and Clothes Exchange
Friday, November 28th, 1-4pm
Corner of Valencia and 23rd St.

To honor Buy Nothing Day! and to celebrate gift economies we'll be hosting a sidewalk plant barter, potluck and clothes exchange. Sing us a song, give us some seeds, or figure out another trade for a small plant of your choice (we'll have a wide range, from house plants to edibles to medicinals on hand.) Bring your Thanksgiving leftovers and share a plate with friends and strangers. Bring clothes to swap, or just come by to say hello.

Zine Release Party
Monday, December 8th, 6:30-8:30
Mission Pie, 2901 Mission Street (at 25th)

Come celebrate the release of our 3rd issue at Mission Pie! We'll have local honey to taste, a sauerkraut demo and homemade goods to eat. Our latest zine on urban self-sufficiency will also be available with info on raising chickens in the city, fermenting, canning and more. Bring a jar and bring a friend.


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