Nov 5, 2008

Focusing on the Sweet Bits

As I anticipated, the election results are a mixed bag. Today I'm trying so hard to focus on the sweet bits, leaving the sour behind for days when I feel like fighting.

A short list of wins from my perspective:
Farm Animal Enclosures in Cali (Prop 2) - Passed (rights gained)
Minor Abortion Rights in Cali (Prop 4) - Failed (rights retained)
High Speed Rail SF to LA - (Prop 1) Passed!
Progressive Sweep in SF Board of Supervisor Elections!
Tom Ammiano goes to the State Assembly
Obama goes to the White House

Mostly proud of SF and the U.S. at large.
Saving my disappointment in Cali for another day. A day soon to come when we all remember that voting is the easiest bit of democracy in the U.S.
For now I'll celebrate.

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