Nov 30, 2008

Consumerism Kills: Wal-Mrt Stampede

I have no kind words for the mob that stormed a Wal-Mrt on Long Island this Black Friday, killing a temporary worker in its zealousness for cheap crap. Jdimytai Damour died under the feet of greed as 2,000 people flooded into the store to steal a bargain (from the hands of exploited workers abroad). Way to go Wal-mrt. Keep working consumers into a frenzy for your unethical loads of shit. Create casualties at the endpoint as well as the start.

We're all whining about the credit crunch, capitalist collapse, people goin' broke. But, fuck, if we still have the money to storm the sales at Wal-mrt, killing a man in the process, perhaps we're not hurting at all. Or maybe we're ready to pile a bit more on before we wake up to the emptiness of consumerism.

Run that credit card as high as it will go. Make a resolution on the first. Then stop. Then withdraw from the plastic shit that lines your walls, your handbags and briefcases, the plastic shit that lines your life. Then get the bills for your stuff-lust and start hauling the detritus off to the thrift store or the dump 'cause you never really wanted it anyway. It doesn't make you happy anyway. And you know it going in to this Christmas season. Know it's all pressure and corporate hype, not peace and friendship, but an over-extending exercise in making the rich richer as the poor struggle to breathe under mounds and mounds of shit.

I was going to write about some fun stuff today. I'm still excited about the folks I've met in the past few weeks. Still stoked to work on some new projects. But a few people sent me this story and after a weekend of admittedly debaucherous revelry, I've finally gotten around to reading it. All of my optimism seems drained. I'm feeling sick to my stomach, thinking of death by Wal-Mrt mob.

Hope? Change?


Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

I was all relaxed from spending a day off with people I love. We snuggled up in the house and didn't buy a damn thing all day, easy peasy. Then I get online to do some work and I read the headline of this story.. My heart sunk.
A man died and the other employees couldn't get shoppers to leave the store. Once they did they opened the doors to them again after the police investigation.
WalMart couldn't shut the doors on that location for one day?

Janice Tiburcio said...

In case you didn't know...

To top it all off, the Walt-Mart in question reopened just a couple of hours later. I also posted about this on my blog and included a link to an article that covered what had happened.

Check it out.