Nov 26, 2008


Buy Nothing Day (BND)is this Friday in the US or this Saturday in the UK. Even if you're not a Compact adherent, I challenge you to spend no dollars or pounds, no pennies or pence on your respective BND.

The holiday season is upon us. We're in the midst of a financial crisis, brought on by capitalism run amok, consumerism controlling our lives. Draw back, take stock, and take a stand against more of the same by not engaging in the consumerist clusterfuck. Yes we can, say no to buying more than we can afford. Yes we can consider the ramifications of our consumption. And, yes we can offer alternatives to consumption:

For BND in London, I'm working with some sweet folk on a project to take some free food and other wares to Brixton. We're meeting at the Library House (52 Knatchbull Rd SE5 9QY) at 11 AM to depart on bikes. More info here if you wanna come! More UK BND info here.

In San Francisco, there's the Really Really Free Market on Saturday in Dolores Park from 1-5pm. Or on Friday, join Bay Area Source at 23rd and Valencia for a clothes swap and plant barter.

In other news, I got hit by a white van today in Peckham. Ouch. Technically, it was my fault. I really thought the guy had just nodded at me to make my right turn in front of him since he was creeping along in a line of cars. Guess I misinterpreted him cuz as I was square in front of him, he gassed it into me. I'm fine. I pretty much scrambled onto his bumper/hood as my bike went down. We're both ok, though I think it popped my rear tube.

I was on my way to pick up sheets and pillow cases from a fellow Freecycler. I made it there eventually and am now looking forward to sleeping on brand new, hypoallergenic linen. Thanks, Heather!

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rachel kesel said...

hey Tse tse,

i responded to your questions on the older post, but thought i'd put my response here as well in case that post gets run off the main page.

thanks for your comments!

i would normally use my yogurt containers for food storage. i'd love to. but the yogurt i've been buying in london comes in a paper-ish container with a really weak lid. so they're not prime for re-use. back in the states, i'd repurpose the tougher plastic containers for food storage, seedling germination, etc.

regarding the plastic bag, that's my joke about being sentimental about things i brought from the states to london. i was also a dog walker in the states, so i used plastic bags for picking up poop about 10 times a day usually.

in general, i'd recycle plastic bags at the supermarket if you can. the best choice is not to acquire plastic bags at all, of course.