Nov 27, 2008

Buy Nothing Day Part 2

Again, Buy Nothing Day (BND) is this Friday in the US (Black Friday) or this Saturday in the UK. You are encouraged to keep your dollars and pounds in the wallet on these days.

Last night Cinema Libre screened Manufactured Landscapes at the Library House to stir up some discussion on consumerism and BND. I want to recommend this film to anyone who can get her hands on it. It's a beautiful film that offers little narration, though enough to keep you interested. I won't describe it because I won't do it justice, but check it out and share it with folks.

The film led to a discussion about how we can move the ideas of over-consumption into the societal conversation. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the film, myself. But other folks had some great input and ideas, particularly around Buy Nothing Day actions. You can expect to see some mobile free shops in London. And there will be stationary groups of people at a few high density shopping locations to give out free food and propaganda. I'll try to take some pix for posting.

See the previous post for BND activities in SF or London. Come out and have some fun.

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