Oct 13, 2008

Winding wearily through a fabulous network of friends

So my temporary housing runs out tomorrow... Where to next? Well, I'm sending my stuff one way, and myself another. Family folk, Matt and Marie, are taking my stuff in Finsbury Park. I'm not sure where I'll crash tomorrow. Most likely a hostel in Vauxhall. I have an interview down in Brixton tomorrow nite for a room so I don't want to pedal all the way back up to Clapton, where I'm offered a free spot. I think it'd be rude, really.

But I hope to have the housing nailed down by, hmm, well last week really. Luckily I have wonderful friends, supportive people. Though none of them has a truly spare room to offer up, they're willing to give of what they do have, be it time, resources, couches, or a hand moving my crap all over this sprawly town. I look forward to being in a position to give back. Maybe not directly or reciprocally, but in some way, to anyone. I think I miss my self sufficiency and the confidence that comes with it more than the hills of SF, perhaps because I'm certain that the latter still exist but am momentarily doubtful that I'll ever regain the former.

Still, I can't leave before the anarchist bookfair, can I? If I'm still house hunting on Saturday, I am definitely taking the afternoon off for the bookfair. Frankly, if Max hadn't mentioned it off-hand, I'd probably be heading out on Thursday. But given the opportunities presented by the bookfair (maybe finding housemates, but also the opportunity to refresh my brain/spirit), I can't see leaving until Sunday if I must.

In more Compact relevant news, I'm not shopping, either new or used, until I find a home. I've turned some hummus containers into tupperware and it's making my bag burst. That and the extra sugar and detergent that I ended up with after replacing stores in the crash pad. I'm almost ready to ditch the rest of my shit just because I'm sick of hauling it all over London. But I'm going to want those clothes when it gets cold, I think.


Alix said...

I hope you like Clapton - I've been here for 3 years now after having been in various bits of London since 1999 and it's definitely my favourite so far. If you get the chance you should check out walthamstow marshes and the river lea - they're quite relaxing in a wild way.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like being homesick is making things seem more difficult for you.
Your self sufficency and confidence will come back strong when you find that place to hang your hat. Hang in there. There is a place waiting for you to find it.
Flow with the rythm of life around you for now.