Oct 18, 2008

Really Really Free Market Saturday, 10/25 Dolores Park ... and Coming to a London Location Soon!

If you're in the Bay, you're encouraged to attend the Really Really Free Market next Saturday, October 25th. RRFM runs from about 12-5 in Dolores Park. Look for the banner under the palm trees on the Dolores St. side, across from 19th.

This SF RRFM will also be a memorial celebration of the life and passions of our friend, Kirsten Brydum. As always, everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Though Kirsten was killed nearly a month ago, her spirit will be reflected in the gathering at the market. Kirsten was a core organizer of the monthly event, and her mark on SF RRFM is indelible. As someone far from all of the memorials and wakes that have brought friends together to mourn, I'm glad to know that one day I'll be back at the Really Really Free Market in Dolores Park, where I'm sure to feel the solidarity and positivity that Kirsten poured into that community. And I'll see where our collective creativity collided and all that grew autonomously from it.

We all have something to share. You can bring a teapot, pair of shoes, recipes or seeds. Share a skill or a talent: Play a song or teach origami. Share words and smiles and futures. Leave your money at home. Give because it's something we're born to do, not because you expect anything back. You'll leave with something, even if you go home with empty hands. If you like the Compact, RRFM is a natural procession.

And if you're in London and you want to see RRFM here, then help me find a central, indoor (?) space to put it on. I've looked and haven't found a local RRFM. I could be wrong, but to my knowledge, there is no regular market here. I'd like to bring together at least one, sometime this winter. If you'd like to help, or even just to say that you might be willing to come or tell people about it, then be in touch! My email is available via the profile page. Several of my amazing coursemates have offered to help, having listened to me talk about RRFM and Kirsten. Now that I'm definitely staying for the course (hurray for having a home!), I would like to make this happen.

In related events, my new living situation is sweet. My new housemates are kind and welcoming. Tonight we shared a delicious vegetarian meal after a walk around the neighborhood. I mentioned that I need to find a daypack for my next field study they produced one! They're shuffling a lot of things around as they change their house around to accommodate a third person. This bag may have been destined for the donate pile.

Anyone have thoughts on used wellies? I might try Freecycle, but I hate the idea of riding my bike all over London's 609 square miles in search of grimey boots that might not fit. Maybe I'll go to a shop to determine my wellie size and then hit up Gumtree and Freecycle. Because really, now that I'm stable, there's no excuse for not figuring out how to find things used.
Really. Really. Free.

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