Oct 29, 2008

Pug puppies in SF and Wells-Next the-Sea

Right now I'm on a field study in Wells-next the-Sea, a small town on the east coast of England. We're doing vegetation transects along dunes and salt marshes to learn a bit about field studies and the hell of statistics. We've been inordinately lucky with the weather: It was supposed to sleet today but it's blue and crisp. Fall is so beautiful here.

Like with our trip to Snowdonia, I'm thrilled to be out of London for a minute. We'll be back on Halloween night though!

In the spirit of Free School and infoshops, my coursemates and I have decided to do some skillshares among ourselves. We nearly unanimously feel that we need more guidance in our course, so we're going to guide each other where we feel the program is lacking. We have to do a lot of group presentation work, so those of us with public speaking experience are going to hold a workshop to help out people who lack that experience. Likewise, the Excel gurus are offering to teach the rest of us the tricks of the clicks.

I'm excited to see the others on the course take to these ideas. While academia tends to generate hierarchical relationships among students (grade rankings, scholarship awards, internship placement), this is an opportunity to focus less on competition and more on mutualism. I much prefer this approach of taking everyone to the desired level of knowledge and skill, rather than thinking that only some of us can achieve the objectives set for us.

Also wanted to mention for my SF Bay area readers that Pooches' Playtime has 10 puppies and a momma dog up for adoption at the moment. Some are pugs and others are mixes, including the mother. Check out the pics here or a short video here. Pooches' Playtime always has foster dogs for adoption so keep them in mind in the future as well.

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