Oct 15, 2008


I succeeded in finding a room tonight! I've been looking hardcore for weeks but tonight I found something really cool. I'm going to be living with two women in East Dulwich. They have a wonderful house that was their family home, but their kids are off at university. I thought they might be my people because they responded to my ad (Vegetarian Animal Lover Needs a Room) with an email from their dog, Dash. When I read Dash's email, I definitely got my hopes up.

There are cats and a rabbit in addition to Dash. It's going to be very helpful for me to be around so many animals! And the house is actually very quiet. I get the impression that I will be able to work there.

Although this place is about 3 times the size of the House of Green Cheese, it feels a lot like John and Rob's home. Dash instantly reminded me of Hunter, the Perry-Picciotto golden retriever. Dash is a very tall flat coat retriever. But more than the dog similarities, it was the decor that made me feel like I might be in Bernal: The furniture was so comfy and earthy. And it turns out, all used. These ladies are not compacting per se, but they have tried to buy second hand all year. Synchronicity? And they did what we all do during interviews about the Compact. They looked around and said, "yeah, all used". They built their own bookshelves, which climb to the high ceilings, stocked with old and new books of all genres.

I really like them! I move in on Saturday, so I think Sunday will be devoted to catching up in my course, finally.


Jaime said...

So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rachel! And Dash! I'm sure the animals will be happy to have such a sympathetic person sharing their space.

Unknown said...

I'm so pleased that you've found somewhere to live. One less thing to worry about!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading about your adventures in London, and I'm glad you found a place to live. I live in the UK and have been reading your blog for a while so it is interesting to hear your perspective on things :-)