Oct 12, 2008

Back from Wales, RRFM, Pumpkin

I spent the past week in Wales looking at ecologically sensitive areas in Snowdonia National Park. Beautiful place, lotsa sheep, teddy bear cows, wiley goats, and some seemingly inbred ponies. It was helpful to get out of London to think a bit more clearly about things.

But now I'm back in London and all is the same. I have two viewings for housing this evening as indeed, I'm still without a place to live. My current crash spot is no longer mine as of Tuesday so I have to work something out or bail on this experience. London is ok and the program is ok, but neither wows me. We'll see how it goes.

In a land far far away - er, I mean San Francisco, the Really Really Free Market is approaching. Last Saturday of the month from 12-5 in Dolores Park, under the palm trees near Dolores at 19th. Check it out in honor of our friend, Kirsten. I truly wish I could be there. If I end up staying in London, I have recruited at least 3 folks to help me put together an RRFM here, but that's a long way off, after housing and papers!

Almost forgot to mention that Pumpkin the wonder pooch has a forever home. After being spayed and vaccinated, my dad dropped her off with Tracey, a rescue worker in Dallas, Georgia. Tracey took Pumpkin as a foster when no one else would. She found her a forever home on her own time, and for that, I'm truly grateful. Pumpkin was a stray for 2 months, then cared for by good folks for about a month. Now she's got a family.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!
Don't worry if you don't like London very much now. You have been getting ready for your move there for so long that I'm sure you had high expectations.
I moved to Vienna three years ago and I hated it (freezing cold, gray and silent). Now I'm slowly learning to appreciate.
I admire you for your courage. Your posts inspire me!