Sep 13, 2008

Pumpkin Update + My Adventures with Shopping

Hurray for Pumpkin, she's found a foster home. How I wish I could say she's found a forever home, but for now, I'm just glad that I don't have to put her down. I really worked every angle for this dog and it was coming down to the wire (I'm leaving in 2 days!). After speaking with several folks in various aspects of rescue and animal care, I was resolved not to put Pumpkin into the Animal Control facility, but to put her down quietly and humanely if I couldn't find her a home.

I never stopped looking for a place for her. And thankfully, my inquiries to local rescues were passed along numerous channels, and finally, a dedicated dog lover named Tracy is taking Pumpkin into her home until she can get her adopted. My parents are taking Pumpkin to our vet on Thursday for vaccinations and spay surgery so that she's ready for adoption when Tracy takes her. Tracy volunteers with a shelter that can't fit Pumpkin in right now. They just got 13 puppies that are only 3 weeks old. It just doesn't stop out here.

I did some hardcore, anti-Compact shopping at REI on Thursday. I got some rain gear (coat and pants), a winter coat, two pairs of utility pants, and shoes. I've already had to return the shoes because they just don't fit. Chick shoes are so narrow. So I guess I have to buy shoes in London. Joy. That was the first crazy shopping spree I've had in nearly 3 years. It was weird. I was so contemplative over the choices. Damn did I try on a lot of raincoats!

Every thing I bought was on sale except the raincoat and shoes. My mom was going to give me a winter coat but it really really really isn't my style. It's actually one of those San Francisco coats that people buy when they come to SF in the summer unprepared. I wasn't sure that I could sport the SF coat in London without feeling like a total weirdo.

In returning the shoes today, I tried to find a proper size. No luck. Instead I just got to do a whole lot of gnarly driving. I'm so ready for a city again. Sprawl sucks. All of my romanticizing a life in Atlanta seems over for the moment. It's been priceless to be with my parents for these last 3 weeks. My mom's older and she hates to travel. So I've considered moving back here to have a better relationship with her. I'm just not sure I could handle the ever widening roads and replacement of trees with strip malls.

I'm excited about London, but daunted. I still don't have a place to live. I really don't want to get wrapped up in a crappy roommate situation. I'm sure I'll get it all worked out. For now, I'm trying to be stoked about my program. Trying to learn metric conversions, considering a new tattoo on my forearm for this purpose. Looking forward to wireless access, walking for coffee, and biking!


Anonymous said...

I recommend keens! so comfy. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

If you need rain-proof shoes in London AND don't like narrow shoes, you could try some Doc Martens shoes. London is THE place to buy them!