Sep 27, 2008

Portobello Market with Matt

Today I went to the Portobello Market with Matt, a friend of mine from the States, who lives here as well. It was so good to see him, cuz he's family in that he's my bro in law's best friend and we've done loads of holidays together, etc. We browsed and caught up on each others' lives, sharing handmade pastries and some coffee.

I was a little loopy from benadryl: I got stung by a very gnarly bee on the way to meet Matt. The wild is everywhere. Within seconds my finger was ready to burst. But I popped some benadryl as my breath got wheezy and my throat dried out, I was fine in 20 minutes beesides the sleepiness. Silly bee, landing on my chest like that. Forcing himself to deposit what was likely his death blow in defence of my swat. I felt bad for both of us.

But I digress! Turns out Matt and I have similar clothing styles. Bring on the button down long sleeve shirts, snaps are even better. And there were lots to choose from, even used. We both kept picking up shirts similar to ones we already have. I probably picked up 3 red v neck sweaters in contemplation. I have a lovely red v neck that is pretty much my favorite sweater of all time.

Alas we both left with no purchases. I purposefully came with fewer than 10 pounds. Oh, and Matt found 10 pounds while we were walking. I felt better about letting him buy me handmade pastries and coffee after that.

I liked a lot of the market. I even went back after saying bye to Matt in an effort to score closing market bargains. Great plan, it turned out. I turned my 7 pounds into about 15 pounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, and a vegan stew and rice dish that I ate on my walk "home". I was a little confused that there was imported produce. I thought that the produce stalls would all be local but that was not the case. But some stuff had stickers and I just asked about other items to get local produce. British strawberries are yummy. The Cox apples look great too.

Back tracking for a second, I went to Critical Mass last night. It was not nearly the joyous cycling event I had anticipated. The ride was almost as intense and aggression riddled as the commuting I've done here. I heard and saw the aftermath of a taxi hitting a cyclist, which destroyed his back wheel. Saw another taxi driver assault a cyclist. And saw a cyclist do something pretty naughty (though not to a human) after a driver sprayed him with washer fluid. I also had a really hilarious conversation with protesting cab riders who were out for one brother's "stag night" and need "to get to the strippers NOW".

I've had my fair share of incidents at SF Critical Mass so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I just thought we might gain some speed at some point, but we kept getting bogged down in conflict. Seriously, I'm a proponent of moving on if you can't actually help the situation. But whatever. I met a few rad folk and ran into a human I'd met before.

I want to recommend the North West Earth Institute after getting an email from an awesome librarian who recommended the site to me. There's a course on voluntary simplicity that might interest Compactors in the NW. I like that NWEI is offering chances for folks to address things like diet, simplicity, etc at different scales (individual, workplace, community). It looks like a good resource on many levels. Thanks, Kathy, for sending such a cool tip and the encouragement.

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