Sep 19, 2008

London Compacting and Other Adventures

Ok, so I made it to London. So far I'm excited to be here but a bit anxious about finding a good home. I'm mid search and have met some really nice people, but probably not the best fits ever. My last interview was with a banker who talked of the cheap clothes (Ralph Loren) in Miami as her passion for the US. I was complementing that with talks of the food co-op I'm interested in and the bike workshop at the local infoshop. 

But all in all we actually like each other! So we'll see. I'm going to some other places today... here's hoping that my fabulous flatmates are in my immediate future. For now I'm crashing with some radical folk in South London. I want to stay down here but am open to other areas. I really like the infoshop down here though... would love to get involved. 

I've been a piss poor Compactor. I've officially decided (as officially as one can be about the Compact) that I'm taking this month off of the Compact. I did that crazy REI haul before I left the States and have bought a new cell phone here. I tried to just unlock my US phone, which was a hand-me-down from my sister. The guy at the shop told me that was a waste of money.
 Indeed it was cheaper to buy a new, more reliable phone. (The old one required me to bite the antennae to adjust it after half the casing had fallen off. )

But I'll be back to my Compacty ways in about 10 days or so, I'm sure. It's not like I can afford to buy a bunch of new shit. I'm just waiting for my bank to fail and my meager tuition savings to disappear. I paid an installment yesterday and felt relieved to have gotten the money from the bank. Are we watching the fall of capitalism? 


Nita Van Zandt said...

A lurker coming out of the void, just to say that the banking situation is holding ok for those of use with money in regular banks and funds. Big move just today to shore up the foundation.

I think we little people can make it through this :-)

rachel kesel said...

i hope nita's right! it would suck infinitely if those of us not engaged in the greed of usury to get screwed in this process.

Lisa G said...

Welcome to the UK!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your willingness to admit that it's difficult to hold perfectly to the ideals we desire to keep.

EccentricEmma said...

another lurker coming out of the void now to say welcome to london. i have a friend who lives in Ealing who would probably have similarish interests to you. i will pass on the address of your blog to her.