Sep 24, 2008


Rough couple of days! Met London's finest tonight, just after getting on course after an hour plus of lost-ness around 12:3o AM in way way way out east London. I moved on Tuesday from South London to West London. That really doesn't explain my lost-ness. Luckily this motorcycle cop was pretty chill about my running a red light and turning down the wrong side of the street (knowingly on both accounts). He actually sent me on my way saying, "You'll get it. Try not to commit any more offences tonight". If only.

All in all, the moving of my meager wares yesterday was a nightmare. Two of my bags are a bit heavy. And today, though I've gotten no word (as in ZERO communication) from the geography department of UCL, I find out that I've missed a welcoming event for the department and a lecture on environmental ethics. The department secretary basically told me that I needed to turn up or be chucked out. I was pretty insulted given that I DID turn up. I enrolled. I paid. I got no timetable. I got no induction schedule.

In my dumbass efforts to be a patient United Statesian, I fucked myself a bit. The lecture, by the accounts of the coursemates that I've met, is nothing that I haven't covered in Geog 610 at SFSU so I'm not stressed. More worrying are those freakish question marks by my name on some lists that I've seen. How can I turn over about 8 thousand dollars and they dunno I'm here?

Thank god I met nice humans on my course. They rock. They probably think I'm a nut because I pulled a classic "rachel" move tonight by tripping over a curb, scraping my knees and even ripping the left knee of one of a NEW pair of REI pants. I bled all the hell over the place just before we went into this departmental social, changed my pants with a human curtain on a street and even bled on those, but it was kinda dark so it looked like water. Whatever, that's me. I'm klutzy. It wasn't as glamourous as that huge scar on my left shin from playing capture the flag on Bernal in the dark after the Bicycle Music Festival last summer, but it was one of those moments when I feel pretty standard and other folks make a fuss. And these poor people have to go on field studies with me!

Seems buying new shit isn't for me. Cuz if I buy it new, I either have to return it or totally fuck it up within a few uses. What was I thinking?! Since I ruined a pair of new, blue tennis shoes in the ditch behind our house when I was six, my mom's always said that I'm "hard on clothes". It's true. Time for another patch!

On a brighter note, I went to the Hackney City Farm yesterday. It rocks. I met a nice pig, who let me scratch her butt for ages. My hands felt like they'd been through a spa treatment, so soft and smoothe afterwards. I'm going back to shovel some poop tomorrow. Or today, it seems. Can you believe that darn pig's name is Bella? There are two special Bella's in my life already. Bella the pit and Bella the shepherd. I miss 'em both. My good girls. I'd rather be scratching their butts but I guess I'll have to settle for this pig.

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