Sep 3, 2008

Adopt Pumpkin, a Compact Friendly Dog

If you really care about the finite resources available on this planet, please spay and neuter your companion animals. I'm still in Georgia, staying with my parents in exurbia. A lost dog has found me and I've been calling her Pumpkin. Though I've printed fliers, stuffed them in mailboxes, posted them at local stores, the library, and pet shops, no one has called about this sweet girl. Sorry the pic is so small, dial up is no fun.

I'm pretty realistic about the limitations of dog and cat rescue. In 8 years as a dog handler, I've volunteered a fair bit with rescue groups, almost exclusively in San Francisco. My experiences with the Humane Society of Bartow County, Georgia is limited. I step into the building and feel an overwhelming shame for my species. The last time I ventured to the shelter, I ended up dragging Blake there too. We left with two dogs and a semi-feral cat.

I don't want to send Pumpkin to Bartow Animal Control. I'd love to give her family a greater chance of finding her, but not at the risk of her being euthanized. The shelter gives 5 days for an "owner" to reclaim their dog or cat. They will not place a hold on her for my family, which would mean that they would call us at the end of the five days so we can take her back out. They rely on the Humane Society to come over and take as many of the dogs as they can, but Animal Control will not release a dog to anyone but the "owner" or Humane Society. When the vet shows up, the dogs and cats not chosen on Monday are euthanized.

So basically, Pumpkin is likely a dead dog if I turn her over to Animal Control. She's a large breed, brown, adolescent dog. Adoptions generally proceed with the smallest and youngest of the lightest colors going first (that's right, black dogs are least adopted).

I tried some local rescue groups, but they require that I run a newspaper ad for two weeks before I can call her "my" dog and surrender her. I don't have enough time for that because I'm leaving on 9/15. I understand the position of all of these kind folks who are involved in rescue or animal control. I don't blame them for Pumpkin's plight.

Why can't we keep Pumpkin? She's horse, dog, and cat friendly thus far. But she's a young 'un if you will. All the creatures here, including my parents, are seniors. And truly, my mom's pissed that I've even kept her since Sunday.

So I need someone to give this dog a good home. We're driving to Missouri this weekend for my grandmother's 84th birthday. That's Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. We're also close to Alabama, North and South Carolina. Do you want a sweet, smart dog who is eager to please?

She loves the Compact: Prefers used collars and leashes. Likes her rawhides pre-chewed, and your scent on an old blanket would make her sleep so sound.

I have placed dogs before, and have some standards. She's not leash trained at all, would do best in a rural setting but could be trained if you are experienced. If you are out of state, a donation in the form of a check to the Bartow County Humane Society (nominal amount, just to ensure that you're not some lab jerk collecting "free" dogs) is required. If you are in state, I'd love to make an appointment for her spay surgery. I'll drop her off, you can pick her up.

She rocks, ask questions. Take this dog so I don't have to put her in the shelter. I have until next Friday. Feel free to make links to this post on any relevant lists. Copy and paste the info. I can be reached at k e tt er k A t [AT] y a h oo


Rina said...

I'll take her!!!!!!!

But - I live in British Columbia, Canada...any chance you wanna meet halfway??


I'm really crossing my fingers that a good home is found!!


Anonymous said...

I too do rescue and am an ACO as well, a can feel your frustration and hope for a miracle
Best i can so it say on your way to Mo, take a detour to Eureka Springs Ar, a beautiful little town in the Ozark Mts and i will take custody and give her time to get a home. I let no dogs leave me without spay, neuter, chip or home and agreement and appt to do all of this, i have a Buddy Helping Buddy Memorial Fund that helps these dogs get the vet care and spay/neuter they need. We also have a Humane Socity i work closely with and avoid euthanasia as a last resort, months down the road and is a problem developes
Look them up Good Shepherd Humane Society and MY Webb site is under updates now, but call the ESpolice Dept at 479-253-8686 to get info on me, jan at 417-310-2555 or
Good luck and follow your kind heart for decisions.

nate c. said...

aw i hope she finds a home!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rachel--If you had a way to get Pumpkin out here, I'd find her a home (possibly with me). I could possibly drive her back...I have time, if not money. I know it's a long shot. Call me if you need to: (415) 821-6309, or (415) 931-3075 (message).

Thanks for your blog...great reading about your attempts to honor your values. Although I'm not part of the compact, I've been oriented the same way for years, with various insights and levels of success. One observation: About 13 years ago I lived in a neighborhood with a typical local chain grocery store (Falletti's), but usually went to Rainbow for the organics. I gradually realized that Falletti's fit my values better. Not only could I walk there, but there was a palpable sense of community and family among the employees. The newspaper seller would keep his eye on our dogs when we were in the store. The butcher shop was in the front of the store, and very open to carrying humanely raised animal products. Falletti's wasn't trying to be politically correct, but was built on an old fashioned model of respect and collaboration.

Good luck in England. And...congratulations! Whatever you do will be great, I'm sure. Lisa V.