Aug 28, 2008

North Georgia Critters: Sassy Paws

Since arriving in Georgia my focus has revolved around the health of my family's animals. My folks have 4 cats, 1 dog, and two horses. Generally when I come home, I find them plagued with parasites, eating junk food, and under-exercised. Their care is actually pretty on par with the area (rural Georgia), but that really isn't good enough for me.

San Francisco, with a bounty of resources like Hazel and Gertie's or Pooches' Playtime, has an overall higher standard of care for companion animals than does most of Georgia. No doubt, Atlanta has a daycare or two itself these days. But if you try to pick up decent dog or cat food outside of Atlanta, you're mostly stuck with chain stores, which usually sell animals. I don't like to shop at chains, and I will not shop at places that sell animals, so it's actually taken me five days to find a local source for critter food. (But no worries, I picked up some small bags of decent food when I got my own groceries in Atlanta).

Today I stumbled upon Sassy Paws in Cartersville, Georgia. It was an accident. I was in Cartersville, the nearest midsize town from my folks place, looking for dog and cat food, but was destined for a place that likely sold animals. But a bunch of bicycles caught my eye so I started walking toward them, which led me to a corner of happiness: A bike shop next to a critter boutique!

Robin, the owner of Sassy Paws, only stocks quality food and natural grooming supplies. (Well she stocks a lot of other items that a Compactor wouldn't be interested in but the selection of food and grooming supplies are only natural). She's right in historic Cartersville, which is actually on route to my parents place if they enter the town at all (110 W. Main St). I grabbed a couple of cards, one for my folks and one for my vet, who I'll see again next week. Perhaps he can refer some clients to Robin for quality nutrition.

Frankly, Cartersville has been a delight today. Right now I'm at the Bartow County Library, utilizing some free wifi, maybe the only none corporate or home based wifi around. I can't check out books, which the place distinctly offers in short supply - maybe this is a new library. Whatever, it trumps the Atlanta library's wifi-less drudgery of Windows based computers. It even trumps Kennesaw State's library in that this place is super comfy. It's like a cafe with no coffee. And there are charming, whispered announcements overhead: "Attention Patrons. If you left your wedding band in the restroom, please come to the information desk to pick it up". And there's a bleach blond, spray tanned, loudmouth on her cellphone. I've inadvertently gotten the scoop on her sister's baby daddy possibly being capable of violence. Oi, I'm easily distracted when without my headphones. Just like a cafe.

This weekend I'm heading out the Powers' Crossroads Country Fair and Art Festival. When I was a kid (11-14) I used to work pony rides with my riding instructor. We went to all of the festivals in Georgia to give rides on ponies. I remember working this festival at least once. It's set out in some woods and it's huge. I'm excited. I'm pretty sure that I worked this one with my mom back in the day (she did this as a 6th workday of the week kind of gig), but I doubt I'll be able to get her to go with me. But my dad might come. I'll try to post some pictures of the syrup production or something.

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