Aug 14, 2008

How Do I Have So Much Stuff?!

Oh, I hate moving! I've been very lenient about the Compact this week. Given all the other stress, I can't freak out about buying mothballs at the moment. Everyone's got a different opinion on what I should take, what I should leave or give away. I really want to go lightly to London.

I'm still packing the London bag ... it's stuffed w/ clothes at the moment, but I think some are coming back out. I still have to stuff a bike helmet, lock, and miscellaneous computer stuff into the bag. I guess I'll pull out some of my less-than-functional, but favorite, threadbare sweaters. ARGH, I hate this!

I also bought a new Timbuk2 bag on Sunday. I was looking on Craigslist for about month for a used one. I saw several and even bought one of them. But I was distracted (don't buy Craiglist stuff while at a bar..., poor decision making) and didn't notice that it was a lefty bag. That's kinda crucial with a messenger bag if you wear it as a cyclist. Oops. So now I have a gorgeous lefty bag that I can't use. I guess I'm putting it on the street when I leave since no one I know can use it. But as the waterproofing on my old bag is completely degraded, I broke down and bought a brand new bag.

I went down to the Timbuk2 retail shop on Hayes. It was soooo much easier than Craigslist! I told the workers that I was only interested in SF made bags, preferably in the hemp or reused polyester fabrics. I left with a really nice bag, made right here in SF with repurposed polyester and a custom fabric. I love it. It was convenient. It was sooooo much more expensive than Craigslist. Whew.

I also got new tires on my bike, which I'm calling a safety item since the others were stinkin' bald. Let's call the fenders a health item: Road spray is disgusting. It must have loads of nasty toxins in it. I love my bike. I wish I could ride it to London. I need the majesty of a long tour. I hope to get away for a few days on my bike, while in Georgia.

This will likely be my last post for a bit. If you've sent any requests in the past week or so, forgive me. It's a crush, getting outta here.

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Jenn said...

Hey - wait - green blogger Arduous (aka Ruchi) is also moving to London this summer...