Aug 25, 2008

Desparate Dispatch from Atlanta

The road trip from San Francisco to Atlanta was pretty fabulous. Blake, my dad, and I drove a rental the whole way, mostly across I-40, if you know it. Who knew northwest Arizona's forests were sooooo beautiful? Wow.

We plunged south as soon as we hit the traditional South, dashing toward New Orleans. If you doubt that sea level rise, increased storm intensity/frequency, or habitat loss will affect people, I urge you to see New Orleans. I'm not blaming Katrina on climate change, but the effects will be similar. As desolate as the city is, I was pretty intrigued. I'm excited now about studying wetland restoration and would definitely consider doing a stint down there in the bayou if there's opportunity.

A few months ago I started looking at Atlanta as a place to go to after grad school. There's an amazing restoration opportunity in the Beltline project, which would convert railroad right of ways and some undeveloped areas into public transit corridors and parks. Too bad the project is barely moving. Two days in Atlanta and I'm looking for earlier flights so I can get out of here. The public library system doesn't even have wifi! Or any of the books on my reading list for school. I can't look for london housing or keep up to date with my program. I'm staying with my folks and they have dial up, which is nearly useless given the level of computing that I require at the moment.

My cellphone has a poltergeist within it that keeps turning it off. I'm so not getting a new one. My stuff was wittled down to 10 oddly shaped boxes and a dresser. I'm taking two large duffles and a backpack to London. I packed mostly cool weather clothes so I'm poorly stocked for the Atlanta heat.

I knew my last few weeks would be chaotic, but I kinda thought coming "home" would be a comfort. It's not. I dropped Blake off at the airport this afternoon among sniffles and tears. 8 years as roommates and 10 as best friends ... nothing about the move is this overwhelming. We both romanticized Atlanta in the past few months, wondering if we could move back here for a bit to be nearer our families. But it seems really doubtful. Perhaps I can get him to go to NOLA, he loved it too.

Oh, and I'm taking one more thing to London- my bike. I ended up having to ship it to Georgia because it wouldn't fit in the car. It arrived today. I really hope to leave here by Thursday, but I just might have to unpack it for a joy ride. I doubt there's anything else here that would so raise my spirits.

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Five Senses said...

Hello - when in London get in touch - OK, I am in Scotland but culturally I am close and it'd be good to talk.

As I write my wife, Rachel, is half way across the USA.

Best wishes

Malcolm / Five Senses