Jul 8, 2008

Water Saving Heroes

My brother-in-law, Heath Wickline, is working on the Water Saving Hereos campaign here in northern California so I thought I'd give a shout out. It's my kind of project anyway. Similar to the stuff I do with Green DogWalks, the Water Saving Hereos campaign provides practical knowledge in a spirited and light-hearted way.

The gist is that we can all be water hereos, in that each of us can contribute to water conservation. I posted recently about the ills of irrigation in corporate agriculture, but I didn't talk much about home conservation tips. I'm less of a water saving hero, more of a water saving freak, so try not to roll your eyes. Take what you can. Leave the rest.

One thing most of us can do, is to put a bucket under your shower fawcett. If you catch the warm up water and the last gush that comes after you turn the shower off, you'll capture anywhere from half to 1.5 gallons. If you're the kind of person who turns off the shower to soap up, you might capture up to 2 gallons.

So what can you use this water for? Anything really! That's drinking quality water pouring out of your shower tap most likely. In summer we use our shower "run-off" for the garden. We never need to turn on the hose for our veggies and fruits. In winter we fill the toilet tank or use the water for dishes. We don't have a washing machine, but you could easily use this water to contribute to a clothes washer (something I used to do when I worked at Pooches' Playtime). It's already in a bucket, maybe you can clean with that water. I dunno, but now that you have it, use it well.

Side note: Green DogWalks will be featured on TV20's "Your Green Life" this Sunday at 6pm. That's a local station in San Francisco. Thanks to Brendan Moran, Bernal Heights Park neighbor and visitor, who does this show and took an interest in Green DogWalks.


Aaron Lander said...

This is an excellent point. Our water heater is in the basement, and the shower is on the third floor. We easily use three gallons of water before the water warms up. We put it to good use on our ever-thirsty tomato plants.

If you really get into conserving water, disconnect the trap under the sink and collect water there as well.

Helene said...

With my 8 years old daughter, we count the minutes under the shower as a game, to reduce the time as much as possible... I can't under 3 min; she can do 2'30!
By the way, The french Compact blog I created has now a french speaking list: thanks to add it on your list of countries or languages!...
Here is the list:
And the blog is still:
And maybe see you soon in London, Rachel!

CarmenG76 said...

Wow, thanks for the idea! I will try to do this from now on, and put the water in my washing machine, or use to water plants, etc.