Jul 31, 2008

Shredding, Bartering, Downsizing by Any Means

I shredded 3 years worth of weird, "sensitive" papers the other day. It was one of the more evocative moments in moving. I had around 150 folded sheets of paper about a work related injury I suffered in 2005: It was great to shred all the drama between myself and the Worker's Comp agency that tried so hard not to pay for my clearly covered emergency surgery and follow up treatment. Actually, most of what I shredded was medical stuff. Why am I so accident prone?

But more to the Compact, I also shredded old credit card statements (for a card that doesn't do online statements). Nearly all were from the Compact era, for which I was grateful as they were shorter than the few I found from 2005. I over-heated the shredder as is, sooooo much paper waste! I only print on paper that is printed on one side already (easily pilfered from recycling bins at college or library computer labs), but sometimes I think I'm one of the few. I realize that companies are covering their asses with all of this paper, but mailings have become a real focus of mine in the lead up to the move. I really don't want any useless mail coming here when I'm gone (especially as I have no forwarding address). So I've been calling any companies or organizations that send me stuff (SF Bike Coalition, Forests Forever, my evil visa card). Oi, such a pain.

On Tuesday I bartered one of my bikes for $175 worth of raw, organic, locally raised/produced food for my cats. Smallbatch owners, Diana and David, needed a bike, and I'm stocking up my cats like the apocolypse is coming. It was a great deal for all of us! The food will come in 3 twelve pound installments over the next 6 months. I'm picking up the first batch on Friday at Hazel and Gertie's. I'm borrowing a car to pick up about 80lbs of cat litter that Jeannine, of H&G's, was kind enough to bulk order for me.

It may seem crazy to buy that much cat litter, but it keeps just fine in the garage. I'm literally buying my half of the cat's needs for the next 9 months. Blake and I are co-guardians to the furries, and he's keeping them while I study. Since he's going to have to scoop all the poop and dish out all the grub, I am picking up this load of supplies to make it easy on them. I'm so lucky to rely on businesses like Smallbatch and Hazel and Gertie's, the latter of which won the SF Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay for Best Boutique for Hep Cats (and Dogs).

I still have a few things to unload, like an older laptop and MORE PLUMS. Yesterday I found two of the only things I need in a free box on the street: flannel pajama pants and a thick thick scarf! Lucky me! Theoretically, it's all coming together. We'll see. If only a warm coat pops up, I'll know my future is well.

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Anonymous said...

as to your need for a coat - what size are you and how warm does it need to be? I have a calf length black wool and a hip length black double breasted jacket. You can have either or both if you're a small. I hardly ever wear either of them. Actually - I don't remember the last time I did. Just reply here if you'd like them. They both are in good condition.