Jul 27, 2008

RRFM rocked, and a comment on comments

I got rid of so much great stuff at the really really free market yesterday. It was a good time and I managed to get pedals for the bike I'm taking to London. So sweet.

I've been getting a lot of comments lately, but when I publish them, Blogger doesn't tell me what post they're related to. So if you ask a question via an older post, I frequently lose them. There's a link to my email in the profile, or comment on a newer post so I can find the comment after they're published.

For the person in Spokane who's starting a Compact group: Right on. Feel free to use whatever of our language or ideas that you find helpful. The Compact is very supportive of diy and autonomous organization. When we started out, we created a listserve and had regular potlucks. We were able to give each other support either by sharing ideas, physical things, or resources. The original group pretty much went back to direct emails to each other since our listserve has been inundated with folks. It's not super functional for local purposes anymore. Consider how large you want your core group to be. If you can get a few friends and neighbors to give it a shot, even for a short duration f time, you might find it easy to just email and meet for potlucks or go to something like a Really Really Free Market or something. Or if you want to have a larger group to bounce ideas off of, make a public list for resource sharing (so folks can post the ways they live a low consumption lifestyle in your area: thrift stores, junkyards, weird reuse spots like SCRAP or Urban Ore). If you make a public list, lemme know and I'll put it in the links section to the right.

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The Compact said...

Thank you so much for your helpful advice, Rachel. You've given me a lot of good ideas for getting a local Compact group started!

Casey from Spokane