Jul 25, 2008

Really Really Free Market Tomorrow, Dolores Park

Tomorrow is the July Really Really Free Market in San Francisco's Dolores Park from 1-5pm. In the spirit of all things low/anti-consumption, join us for a mellow afternoon of sharing. Bring fruit, skills, books, clothes, whatever you have to offer. No buying, no selling, and no leaving your wares behind for others to cart off to Community Thrift.

I'm taking lots of plums to the market, of course. And some stuff I'm letting go in this move: a camel pack, some fine paper, radical books, seeds, an external hard drive, etc. As always, I'm looking for headphones because mine suck. I could use sweaters too. Other than that, unless some conservation textbooks magically appear, I've got more to give than I need to receive. I need to spend the next couple of hours going through my stuff to really pare down the stuff I want to pack. That'll help me figure out what to take to RRFM.

The dogs at Pooches' Playtime, where I've been picking up some extra work, helped me make some wardrobe decisions yesterday. They ripped a pair of my cargo pants in a way that I'm not sure is reparable, at least not in the sturdy spirit of those pants (which were several years old, a bit thin). It was pretty hilarious handing the dogs back to the clients with a very long tear up the left leg of my shorts. I was already worried about being cold because I forgot the bottoms of the pants, the tear pretty much ensured that. Very funny. Goofy pups.


The Compact said...

Hi Rachel,

I live in Spokane, WA and am hoping to start a local group in support of The Compact. Do you have any suggestions? Is it mainly an online group, or do you ever have in person activities and get togethers? I would like to start a website and a blog, but I was also hoping of doing occassional get togethers. In addition, is it a problem to repeat the maxims of The Compact on my website? I don't want to get in any trouble!

Thank you for any help and suggestions you can give me,

Anonymous said...

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