Jul 15, 2008

The Purging of My Posessions

In the past couple of weeks I've gotten rid of a few bikes, some pots, and all of my beading supplies. I freecycled some stuff and have been scanning the wanted ads. Note that SF Freecycle is about 5 to 1 "Offers" (ie, we all have too much shit). I had the worst garage sale in history on Saturday. My street just doesn't have the foot traffic to support such a venture. I'm more of a Really Really Free Market kinda girl, but hauling all of this stuff on my bike to the Dolores Park is not going to happen. I've selected some choice items to share there at the end of the month (Camelpack, nice art paper, political stuff, etc).

So I've taken advantage of several ways of rehoming my stuff. But there's still more to get rid of! There's the pile of books I hope to sell, full of some pretty rad books that I doubt I'll ever read again. Most of these were turned down by Dog Eared Books and Modern Times is not buying right now. So I'm going to hit up Adobe next. There's the pile of miscellaneous stuff (lamp, dog bowls, tea thimbles, etc) going to Community Thrift.

And then there's my favorite pile: All the stuff I need to repatriate to its rightful owners. I've got about ten 1 gallon starter pots to give back to Greg Gaar, who does the native plant nursery at the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Coalition recycling center. I'm also returning the progeny of the plants I got from him. I've culled loads of seed from my phaecelia, horkelia, and fringe cups so far. Also in the pile are many tools (weed wrench, mattock, loppers, hand clippers, hand saw, etc), a tarp, and a pop up bag, all of which must be returned to my friends at the Natural Areas Program. I'm finished with that contract on Thursday! When I drop off those items I'll also rehome the rest of the Green DogWalks posters and about 50 extra Nature in the City maps.

Getting rid of this last pile means that I've completed all of my contract work. I'm borrowing a car on Thursday to get rid of all of these piles because I just can't bike them all away. If I borrowed the trailer I'd need someone else to come along to guard the trailer/stuff while I go in to sell the books or return stuff. I thought about it, in particular because I love that trailer at Station 40.

The move is becoming more real all the time. I'm quite ready to leave San Francisco most of the time, but I got a bit syrupy today when writing a brief review of the wildlife I've seen in the city this year. I'll miss the land and my friends, but I need a break from the rest of the humans here! Not sure that I'm ready for the density of London, but that's where I'm headed. Hopefully it's dense enough that I can find a good couch surf or 2 in September. Finding permanent housing is going to be murder but I'll be looking for a friendly collective. Even if I don't find that at first, hopefully I find the folks who can point me in that direction.

Since I'm going to be soooooo broke, I've started looking into my resources. Hallelujah there is a healthy Freecycle network. And hurray for Food Not Bombs! Feed me. And I'm not sure what it has to do with being broke, but Critical Mass London, I'm so stoked! Maybe in a mass I can figure out how to make right turns. I've even heard about some radical queer cafe nights that I can't wait to check out.

Just a bit more stuff to get rid of. A few more things to pack. Some dogs to walk. Then I'm off.


Anonymous said...

If you can't sell your books, you can donate them to the library. That's what I do with all my old books. I've been cleaning out my home as well - getting rid of all the things that are just 'things' and that don't have any meaning for me. The boxes of stuff I have taken to donate is beyond ridiculous. You have served as an inspiration to stop acquiring. Are you going to continue blogging from Blighty? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

freecycle seems interesting! But here, in Portugal, we haven't got many stuff like that ;__;

Hey, good luck! \o/

Simone said...

I found your blog searching for "The Compact" on Google. I'm so glad I did. I'm a 31 year-old female in Texas with two kids. I think many of your ideas are right on the mark and I look foward to reading more.


- Simone

loveandtheplanet said...

Wow, London is finally about to get some new blood, via San Fran Sis Co.

Good luck...

ck_dex said...

Rachel, both the Compact, and your new journey to London and school are exciting and inspiring. Good luck!

Do you have an email account where I could contact you about another Compact-related question I have. I'll include my email for follow-up if you are comfortable doing this. Thanks!

rachel said...

hey ck_dex,
you can email me at ketterkat [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

Anonymous said...

Great pointers...would love to figure out how to get rid of old paint myself. There's probably a business opportunity for someone out there. If someone showed up at my front door and said they would haul it away, I'd pay $5 a can.
Lower my bills