Jul 21, 2008

Everybody's Canning!

Yesterday I distributed a lot of fresh plums, jam, conserve, and bread to neighbors and my favorite shop keepers. While interviewing prospective subletters I unloaded a bit more. (In the end we chose the guy who said plums were his favorite fruit! There were many reasons why this guy will be a great housemate for Blake and the kitties but I had previously thought that the ad should say, "Must love plums", because they're such an important part of the back yard, hee hee).

I couldn't stop eating the bread so I made a delivery to my friends at Station 40. That was a good call: I took food and left with food. William was canning excess strawberries so I left with jam. And there were lots of dumpstered bananas and nectarines, which I'm enjoying right now in a smoothie.

The synchronicity cracked us up as we sampled each others' tasty treats. Just when I thought it couldn't get more beautiful, Francisco (who I haven't seen in months and I didn't know had come back last week) walks in and shows me the fresh vinegar he's making from unsalvagable dumpstered fruits. Now I have a plan for any plums that I can' t use!!! This was one of those afternoons that makes me think I should never leave San Francisco.

I'm dashing off to the Russian River tomorrow with Blake and a rad dog, Cooper. We're taking plums and jars to do some more canning and bread making. There's a paper bag of plums on the steps here, with plastic bags attached to the handle so my friends can swing by and take what they need. John and Rob took over 2 gallons today for canning and baking. I'm so excited to see these all get put to good use!

Here's a new article about the Compact if anyone's interested.

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