Jul 1, 2008

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay LATER

I was shocked last week to get an email about a huge push to drill for more oil in the Arctic, in the ocean, and where ever the hell else we might find it. The email came from my uncle, but it was sent to him by my dad. Apparently Chuck N0rris set the whole thing off, but I don't really care about him. What I care about is the thought that my dad would suddenly think it's a great idea to destroy vital habitat for the purpose of prolonging our addiction to oil.

I asked my dad what changed his mind about drilling in ANWR and he assured me that he's still a conservationist. Then he started talking about realism and not being a nimbyist. I reminded him that I'm opposed to drilling in general and that I strive to keep my oil consumption as low as possible through conscious decisions about my diet, transportation, employment, etc. My dad also asserted that there were no oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico following Katrina so there was obviously "new" technology to drill without harming land or sea. I was pretty annoyed because it was obvious that these arguments had swayed my dad and they were pathetic. A quick Google search of the terms "Katrina" "oil spill" returned satellite images, maps, and reputable commentary on the spills that did in fact occur following the hurricane.

Have Chuck N0rris, John McCain, and "American S0luti0ns" been huffing gas? They're obviously high if they think that more drilling is the answer. What good is a very short term increase in supply? Ugh, how much longer can we charge down this path before the ills of oil culture finally take hold?

A new poll shows that because of high gas prices, people have started looking to this temporary increase in supply as more important than actually conserving, or heaven help us, weaning ourselves the fuck off of oil. I'm sickened by this news. How can people be so short sighted? I hear the economy woes, of course. But what economy can we hope to have on a planet warped by climate change and habitat destruction?


Wendy said...

What you said! Let's hope Congress can continue to stand its ground and say no to any more drilling for oil. It's obvious that we've reached Peak, and that it's time to find alternatives (if there are any) or change our lives and lifestyles so that we don't need cheap oil.

Anonymous said...


I notice that you said that you live in California. In the East one- third of all households heat their homes with oil. To convert to Solar is costing homeowners in this area twenty-five thousands to thrity-five thousands dollars. It is costing a huge amount to heat homes with oil. Our last refill was $650.00 for just one time. We did put in a heat pump so we will be able to heat out house with electricity but will still have to use oil for hot water. It gets pretty cold in the winter here but I have kept the house at sixty to sixty-five degrees. And we are senior citizens.

I drive a 1991 car that I has only sixty-two thousand miles on it. Yes, I said it was a 1991 car. Because I hate to drive I aways combine my driving trips over the years.

Anonymous said...

What I find fascinating is that Bush his own self stated that any drilling we do will be virtually useless, but that knowing it's being done will make people "feel better". I'm still meditating HARD on that one.


Joy in the Burbs... said...

RE: Drill Here blog
I understand your concerns about drilling, but we have to realize we are getting most of our oil from countries in the middle east that despise us, but yet we are dependent on them. They could cut us off tomorrow if they so wished. We have got provide for ourselves and I totally agree that we need to find alternatives to oil and I completely support that. I truly believe we will. I know this is your blog, but I wish you would consider writing without the use of any profane language. I read about The Compact in The Houston Chronicle today and was very curious to find out more. I love conservation and am trying to incorporate more into my life. But I only want to read blogs that aren't "cluttered" with profanity. I don't believe it is necessary for communication. Another way to make our environment cleaner is to use non offensive language.
I'm also blogging about being green in the burbs. I have a long way to go, and I look for ideas from all over. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

rachel said...

joy in the burbs,
i do understand where our oil comes from, I've been to the Middle East. I don't think the source of oil is the issue. I'm a radical so I go to the root: The post takes issue with our decision to ride out oil as long as we can, despite knowing that oil will end and it's going to be difficult whenever it happens.

However, since you introduced the "us" against "them" language, I'd take this as an opportunity to say that I find that far more offensive than any swearing. I write as I speak, and I stand by my language as an attribute of the culture from which I come. I choose many words carefully, words like "us" and "them", but I don't measure myself when it comes to words that society finds inappropriate.
There's space enough for everyone and I don't write to please anyone in particular. No one pays me to write and I'm beholden to no audience. I speak truth as I see it, with whatever language I find useful.

Anonymous said...

Amen, fucker. Now, let's get back to business. The issue with off-shore drilling is similar to our countries airport security. It's nothing but a bunch of feel-good for Mr & Mrs I-dont-know-better. This nation is going to feel the pain during the change to alternative source's of energy and the lifestyle changes that will accompany it.