Jun 24, 2008

Gumtree? London's Craigslist?

Help me out if you know, I found this site, gumtree.com, that seems like a Craigslist for London. In my limited experience, Craigslist London is a mess of commercial advertising (as in rental agencies pushing rooms). But then I stumbled on Gumtree and saw houseshare ads there that actually looked possible. And it seemed like a place where I might post to find or actually see an ad for collective housing.

And there's a free section!

Using tried and true Craigslist here, I got rid of one of my bikes yesterday. The woman that I sold it to is just getting into cycling. I talked to her a lot about bike styles (I had one of each to show her) and other considerations for urban cycling. It was empowering to help another woman find independent transportation, even in the small way that I contributed.

Hurray, only 3 more bikes to go! I've listed about 15 things on Craigslist this week. And I started some runs to Community Thrift. Time to downsize. I'm kind of into it actually. It's a bit rewarding, liberating to vanish my wares. Of course, my commitment to getting rid of stuff has forced me into a lot of sticker scraping with razor blades. I don't buy stickers, but something about radical communities necessitates slapping art or slogans on adhesive backed glossy paper. And NorCal is pretty sticker crazy. Everything I own is plastered: Laptops, bikes, noteboooks, some ugly furniture. It's kinda funny now that I'm removing them to pass on my stuff.


Jules Evans said...

Hi there, Gumtree as you have found out is the best place to look for a room to rent in London. Others are Loot (not sure if they are online yet or just a daily newspaper). Gumtree is definitely your best bet. People tend to advertise quite close to the date the room is available, and the best places go fast, so be prepared to go to see something straight away. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

check out www.loot.com which is a local London paper. Given the rental prices in London even professionals live in flat shares so there are plenty. If you are brave start looking once you have arrived. When I was living in London I just went to all newsagents in the areas that I liked. Every one of them advertises local flat shares in the shop window. I guess that is the best and cheapest way.


Anonymous said...

I found a very good free web site!


Family Footprint said...

Hope you find a place soon!

Anonymous said...

We have a great Freecycle network in the UK, so don't worry!