Jun 6, 2008

Green DogWalks Community Reportback

I'm holding a community reportback on the Green DogWalks project next Thursday at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. I really hope people come. I've found it difficult in the past to get folks out to this sort of thing, but I want to give myself some closure on the project before I head off to grad school . 

I'm going to do a presentation on the entire project, starting with the initial data collection on off-leash dog walking trends in 2006. Then I'll talk about the outreach goals and implementation. And I'll finish the presentation with the newest data collection from this spring. So many folks came up to me while I was taking those data to ask what I was doing. I hope that some of those folks show up to hear about it. 

After the presentation there will be a discussion period. I want to get some feedback on how people perceive the project. What do people want to see happen with future outreach efforts? I've invited some land managers, naturalists, animal welfare agencies, in addition to neighborhood stakeholders and professional dog walkers. 

I have poster invitations up in the kiosks at the park, and quarter sheet fliers for people to take home with them. And I have the entire sustainable dog walking poster series in the local grocery store's display windows (thank you, Good Life Grocery!). I put letter sized fliers up at Hazel and Gertie's and two  other critter supply shops, some dog daycares, etc. I've got about 10 professional dog walkers sending the fliers out to their clients. And wow have I emailed every list and individual that I can think of. 

I feel like such a geek but I really want to share what I've learned so that folks can learn from my mistakes and my good choices. I've laid a bit of a foundation for further work on sustainable dog walking in San Francisco. I hope that bringing interested people together will show others who might want to pursue this that there is indeed support for positive outreach around dogs in natural areas. 

 It might be a bit of a tough room depending on the crowd. But Amber Hasselbring of art-eco.org has offered to facilitate so that takes some pressure off of me. We have ground rules for participation and an objective facilitator to enforce them so I feel like we're set for success when it comes to having a productive discussion. 

Anyway, I'll report back on the reportback. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Can you recommend a fellow Compact-er based in NYC? I'm interested in doing a story on the movement. Thank you! Tina Trinh, ABC News