May 28, 2008

Really Really Free Market and Reclaim the Streets, This Saturday!

The Really Really Free Market is this Saturday from 1-5 in Dolores Park. The gift economy in action, RRFM is for everyone. Everything is free: No buying, no selling.... and no leaving your shit behind for someone else to lug to Community Thrift.

I have some decent stuff to get rid of over the next two months. RRFM is the place to do that. And while I need to off-load way more than I should pick up, I'll be back to looking for headphones. I stopped for a while because my Ipod was finally dead, no battery left. But this weekend my super generous clients gave me their extra nano. I swear I pulled weeds about an hour longer than I physically desired today because I had tunes. Hell yeah, I love my clients.

RRFM coincides with Reclaim the Streets, which also meets at 1pm in Dolores Park this Saturday. Renters Rise Up! We hate 98, 99 is fine. Ugh, we're taking to the streets in no small part because of an evil (I rarely use that word, search it in this blog if you don't believe me) California proposition that would end rent control. No on 98! And while I'm casting political aspersions, I hate the California initiative process. Direct democracy requires an informed citizenry, that's something we don't have. Grrr.

In other news:
I am wrapping up the Green DogWalks project with a community reportback at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center on Thursday, June 12th. It's a night of learning and envisioning a new dynamic among stakeholders in our natural areas.
And speaking of great clients, two of my favorite dog walking clients, and their radical humans, are moving to London in the Fall, too. How crazy is that? I really hope that I can live in decent proximity to them so that I can walk those pups!

See you in the streets (or in the park for RRFM).

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